Facilities of GUCEC


The road to success is always under construction and so we always thrive to cater your needs – a perfect
convention centre, an impressive exhibition hall, an enormous open ground, an open courtyard, a place
for food court, etc. that
are flexible for conferences, exhibition, corporate parties, lavish weddings, etc. Therefore when it comes
to making big in any industry, Ahmedabad is an excellent gateway to new markets.

The enormous exhibition hall, spreading across more than 4,300 Square Meters, offers flexibility and
customization ptions to suit any type of exhibitionsevents. The Exhibition Hall is columnless and offer
the highest degree of optimization because of their flawless configuration and a superior cooling
system, multiple entry and exit doors for public and materials & flexible seating options.

A Prominent Landmark :
 Floor loading capacity of 0.75 to 30 MT/sq m
 Under floor ducts/trench
 Columnless structure spanning 44 mts width
 Floor to roof is 12 mts clear height
 Designated organiser’s offices
 Designed to offer flexibility in layout planning
 Ample passageway for big trucks carrying exhibits
 Well equipped to provide power supply of any size
 Equipped with general lighting and air conditioning

 PA (Public Address) systems incorporated
 6M wide dedicated service road for heavy vehicles
 Rolling shutters of 7M height for letting heavy goods & vehicles come through
 Separate service bay for loading & unloading